VOX presents Bruno Pronsato (Berlin) at Monarch

Friday, April 19, 2013 from 9:30 PM to 3:00 AM

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Vox Presents:

**Bruno Pronsato**

( Hello?Repeat / thesongsays / Philpot / Berlin )

With his heady, intricately woven tracks and ominously funky live performances, Bruno Pronsato is one of techno’s most intriguing artists. His sound is full of contradictions: abstract but organic, sexy but drab, and though most of his records could easily stir a dance floor, they exist purely for themselves, never compromised for club potential. In music, as in life, Bruno likes to get weird, and the suspense that permeates his music often earns him the title of “minimal.” But it’s the deeply emotional moments—the warm, amber tones of tracks like “What We Wish,” “At Home I’m a Tourist” and “The Make Up The Break Up”— that point to Bruno’s true objective: as he blurted out to an Italian journalist last year, “I just want to make romantic techno.”


Supported by:

Jimmy B

Brian Bejarano

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Fr VOX presents Bruno Pronsato (Berlin)


101 6th Street, San Francisco