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SF - The Wild Wildlife Family Scavenger Hunt

Watson Adventures

SF - The Wild Wildlife Family Scavenger Hunt

For Ages 7 and Up

Saturday, May 11 at 11:00AM

at The San Francisco Zoo

1 Zoo Road

San Francisco, CA 94132

Kids must be accompanied by adults, and vice versa—teams with only adults or only kids are not permitted on this hunt.

Kids and adults work together to explore the San Francisco Zoo as you discover creatures you never suspected were there—or anywhere! Hunt for bears in Grizzly Gulch, walk about the Australian WalkAbout, and chill at Penguin Island. Find out why your neck is like a giraffe’s, why a lemur might get teased on the playground, and why tigers like “finger food.” Starring mandrills, meerkats, koalas, cassowaries, and many more critters. Bring a digital camera or smartphone for our crazy team photo challenges (and see if you can get a monkey to smile at you). The family hunt is for ages 7 and up, and kids must be accompanied by an adult (and vice versa).

San Francisco Zoo
1 Zoo Rd
# 1