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Rebel Rave: Public Works 3 Night Electronic Extravaganza Pass

The Beasts are lurking in the moonlight once again and things are about to get wild...

Join us Saturday, March 9th for the FIFTH installment of the Beasts & Beats Art & Music Show, featuring artwork from OVER 30 ARTISTS as well as a LIVE performance by M|O|O|N in his FIRST ever San Francisco appearance.

//$5 LIMITED EARLY PRESALES: $10 at the door.


Andrew O'Melia

Brandon Dicks

Cassia Harries

Charlene Kelley

Chris Carman

Christopher Flork

CJ Guzman

Craig Woida

David Alegre

Dora Roychoudhury

Drew Merritt

Dwayne Marley

Dylan Tarre

ESandra Hollman

Frank Harmon

Jay Williams

Joshua Coffy

Kate Cleaves

Katie Corna

Kim Herbst

Kristina Wayte

Megan Lawton

Michelle Pope

Renee Carty

Richmond Chaisiri

Ron Bondoc

Sue Donze

Teri Archibald

Victor Gascon

Weigy Samakoen


M | O | O | N (Live)

"A solo electronic project from Boston, Stephen Gilarde aka M.O.O.N., independently dropped the aptly-titled MOON EP on November 27. It's four tracks of pulsating downtempo electro that's a bit smarter than the other club shit making the rounds these days, and it should be: Gilarde is the nephew of LCD Soundsystem mastermind James Murphy.

The four EP tracks here all show off something different while maintaining a consistent intelligence. Opening cut and potential standout "Paris" is an electronic space-invader march that throbs without losing its direction; "Crystals" is a looping, experimental trip-out; and "Hydrogen" -- mastered by Gunnar Bjerk at DFA Studios in New York and the sole track clocking in faster than 108 BPM, at a distant 125 -- is a lustful house ticker that's sure to destroy techno-night dance floors. Closer "Release" tops the six-minute mark and feels relentless in its tumbling synths. "

- Michael Marotta

"It’s hard not to like a musician who can do a lot with a little. In fact, this aesthetic informed many of the founding artists of electronic music. While artists like Kraftwerk and Juan Atkins did have novelty on their side, one thing the '80s did not afford them was the kind of sound equipment allowing for rich, life-like tones or complex multi-tracking. Of course, like all great artists, they used this stipulation to their advantage and made repetition a thing of glory. Following in their footsteps is Stephen Gilarde, also known as M O O N, a Boston-based electro house producer who fittingly loaned out the four tracks from his self-titled debut EP to the surreal, '80s-themed computer game "Hotline Miami" late last year. While the earlier EP featured a more funky brand of retro electro, M O O N’s latest EP, Particles, takes a darker, more stripped-down approach while retaining an infectious edge. "

- Joey Retucci


The Kids are Radioactive

The Kids Are Radioactive is the production alias of Jordan Elliot from Los Angeles. He's the youngest member to ever sign with the Binary Collective (signed in 2007, at age 17) and has been producing a huge output of dance floors killers over the past few years. His sets are well crafted, high energy crowd movers, combining his own originals, remixes, and custom dance floor edits.


Also supporting:

Rhythm (Los Angeles)

Jasen Zeta (Los Angeles)

Oh, Beats! (San Francisco)

Public Works
161 Erie St
Ticket price: $40

Thursday, March 14, 2013 from 9:00 PM to 3:00 AM

Friday, March 15, 2013 from 9:00 PM to 3:00 AM

Saturday, March 16, 2013 from 9:00 PM to 3:00 AM

Public Works
161 Erie St