Frisky Fridays Epic Scavenger Hunt: Clues & Booze at CLASH HQ

Every Friday

Times: 7:30 to 10:00 PM

Grab a friend or coworker and head to Frisky Fridays after work to join and compete against other young urban professionals. This is not your average grandma's scavenger hunt. There's neon, drinking, tweetagraming, spandex, and racoons! You think you know Union Square? You have no f#cking clue!

7:45pm - doors open

7:45-8:15 check-in, drinking, stretching power lunges

8:15-8:30 check-in closed, teams organized, rules explained

8:30-9:30 hunt in progress

9:30-9:45 drinking, scoring, slideshow

10pm - champions crowned!

10pm --> doors close. Party moves upstairs to the Tunnel Top Bar

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Fr Frisky Fridays Epic Scavenger Hunt: Clues & Booze


447 Stockton St, San Francisco