Fawaffle Shop - Mediterranean Mashup Cuisine at SF Food Lab

Every Saturday

Times: 6:00 to 10:00 PM

#fawaffle: (fa-wa-fel, noun)

def: half waffle/half falafel, all good

#fawaffle falls somewhere between Mediterranean street food and American breakfast cuisine. Expect the unexpected. Mash-Ups of flavors and ingredients you never knew were meant to be together, harmoniously smothered over a savory, fluffy, #fawaffle.

be a part of the #fawaffle revolution!

$25 pre-paid ticket buys:

1 custom #fawaffle,

2 delicious sides and/or desserts

Bottomless house-made refreshing (virgin) drinks.

Beer and wine available separately at the bar.

Walk-ins welcome, space permitting.

Menu subject to improvements & improvisations.

#fawaffle shop menu

pick a #fawaffle

classic #fawaffle

vegan gluten-free #fawaffle

pick a topping

za’atar chicken shawarma

coffee and coke braised lamb leg tagine

greens & tofu scramble

pick 2 sauces

mint yogurt

cilantro whipped cream

spicy peanut butter whip

chili maple syrup

bacon blackberry jam


pick 2 sides

cashew caesar salad

farro tabouleh

zucchini walnut hummus, pita chip

curried stone fruit cobbler, almond crumble

bottomless drinks

iced mint coffee

yerba mate lemonade

citrus hibiscus infusion (decaf)

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Fr Fawaffle Shop - Mediterranean Mashup Cuisine

SF Food Lab

1106 Market St, San Francisco