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DIY Design: Booze Bottle Lamps

What’s more awesome than being able to drink a bottle of whiskey and then make it into a beacon of light? In this class we take a staple-- the booze bottle (think your empty whiskey & wine bottles) and show you how to cut it with cool tools that will make you “oooh” and “aaah” and possibly even make you feel like one of the MythBusters dudes. We then show you how to wire it up, secure it to a base, add light and voila! Meet lamp.

Lighting evil genius Cullen Farrell has been a long time fan of creating lights. If he can build Justin Timberlake’s LED light shows, he can certainly show you how to sling a lamp from whiskey bottles (feel free to bring a full one to class for sipping, Cullen will love you). He’ll talk basics about lighting to slay your fears of electrocution and at the end of class you’ll take home one shiny lamp you can be proud of.

We find these lamps looks kick butt with Edison vintage style bulbs minus any shades (helllooooo speakeasy), so we’ll have them on sale at class if you’d like to buy one. Or you can feel free to add your own basic or vintage shade after class (shades not included).

1798 McAllister St