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Club Dancing for the Rhythm Rookie

Club Dancing for the Rhythm Rookie

Let’s see if this sounds familiar: you're out at a bar, nursing a beer and bobbing your head to (some version of) the beat, while the rhythmically-inclined people rock out on the dance floor. Well sir, your days as a wallflower have come to an end.

This 2-hour workshop offers relaxed, practical instruction in the basics of rhythm, footwork, and style, along with key moves that will help novice dancers boost their confidence and enjoyment on the dancefloor. You'll soon be leading the charge onto the dance floor at clubs, weddings, and perhaps even the occasional flash mob. (Hey, dream big, right?)

Instructor Bio:

Annemarie brings a decade of experience instructing dancers of all levels and ages. A lifelong dancer herself, she has choreographed, trained and performed with hip hop and jazz dance companies throughout the Bay Area. As an instructor she loves helping novice dancers discover their confidence and style through movement. Most of all, she encourages her students to let loose, feel rhythm, and enjoy life while working up a serious sweat.

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