Class: Tasting Workshop Rid Yourself of Recipes at San Francisco Cooking School

Saturday, March 9, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

This hands-on workshop will make you less reliant on recipes. Ever wonder when to add that pinch of salt or why a dish is too sour? Samin will guide you through a tasting session, cooking food along the way and tasting each dish so you can master the art of balance, depth, cleanliness, and texture. You’ll learn how to correct a dish that goes wrong, and how to use your own taste buds to make food that tastes “just right”. Key flavors, such as salt, sweet, acid, and even the richness of fat in a recipe, will all impact what you taste when you’ve finished cooking. The skill that goes into tasting a dish, something professional chefs find highly valuable, is something you should absolutely bring into your own home kitchen.

This is a hands-on class and we’ll prepare a farmers’-market inspired menu of recipes as a class, working through each one in detail to train you on tasting, correcting, and seasoning.

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Fr Class: Tasting Workshop Rid Yourself of Recipes

San Francisco Cooking School

690 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco