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Cartoon/Illustration, Songwriting Workshop by creator of Gustufer Yellowgold, Morgan Taylor

The Gustafer Yellowgold ARTS ENRICHMENT Program is committed to inspiring creativity in education through art and music by offering fun, professional workshops for 6-18 year olds. The program encourages children’s innate creativity, boosts creative thinking and problem solving, while expanding their experience and appreciation of the arts.

The program is taught by Morgan Taylor, creator of the award-winning Gustafer Yellowgold music video series. The Homeschool Community of San Francisco is hosting an afternoon of workshops, followed by a presentation by Morgan Taylor, held at the San Francisco Public Library.

3 PM: Cartooning/Illustrating

In the Cartooning/Illustrating workshop Morgan will guide students through a “step-by-step character building” tasks, focused around his own work on Gustafer Yellowgold. Workshop will cover basic “How to draw Gustafer” to an in-depth exploration of character creation and development. Topics include anatomy, character study and development.



(LIMITED TO 15 STUDENTS - Ticket includes admission to the 5 PM Presentation)

4 PM: Songwriting

The Songwriting workshop is a journey into the art of song. Students will learn about popular song form, lyric writing, melody, rhythm, cadence and rhyme while writing their first song as a collaborative group in a workshop setting. All students will be encouraged to participate and contribute to the process as Morgan leads the group in a fun and creative experience.

FOR AGES 11-16


(LIMITED TO 15 STUDENTS - Ticket includes admission to the 5 PM Presentation)

5 PM: Putting It All Together

In the presentation Putting It All Together Morgan will share his creative process from the initial idea for each Gustafer Yellowgold DVD/CD, through to the development of the live performance with behind the scenes information about how he gets the show on the road.



Main Public Library
100 Larkin St