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Beats for Lunch w/ ROMANOWSKI & Top Chef Josie at Monarch

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MATT HAZE (Slayers Club)

***CHEF JOSIE from TV's TOP CHEF will be creating an incredible lunch for us. Limited meals will be available. Purchase a pre-sale ticket to guarantee your lunch will be waiting for you!***

Beats for Lunch, the midday dance party brought to you by the merry pranksters at SunsetSF (Sea of Dreams, Silent Frisco, SF Funk Fest), aims squarely at the lethargic routines of round-bellied office workers and delirious dot-commers, prompting them to get ready to get sweaty...during the lunch hour.


San Francisco DJ legend Romanowski considers sneaking into his mother's liquor cabinet and record collection his introduction to the DJ lifestyle. Booze and Beatles albums gave way to old school rap and early electronica, a combination he spun together at the age of 14 in his native Zurich, Switzerland.

He moved to San Francisco in 1992 and soon hooked up with the Behind the Post Office collective, a group of DJs and rappers revolving around the Behind the Post Office record store. Sharing the stage with Meat Beat Manifesto and Thievery Corporation, along with DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, at the legendary first Brainfreeze performance was a highlight of Romanowski's early career.

His debut, Steady Rocking on Future Primitive Sound, displayed the DJ's love of Jamaica's rocksteady music filtered through playful electronics. Besides his musical output, Romanowski is an artist associated with the Curators collective and has had his work shown in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Seattle's edgier galleries.

101 6th St
Ticket price: $0 to $10

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

101 6th St