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Bawdy's 'Storytelling for Perverts' Workshop

Bawdy's 'Storytelling for Perverts' Workshop

"I came to Dixie with a half-baked idea. Gently - but very firmly - she helped me see that what I'd written just wasn't going to fly - that it didn't do my own story justice. With her enthusiastic, clever coaching, I quickly put together a funny, risk-taking routine that had the crowd rooting for me! I love this woman - she is gifted at the art of performance, directing and creative vision."

- Sam Benjamin, author of American Gangbang: A Love Story

For the past six years, Bawdy Storytelling’s original one-of-a-kind approach to sex-positive personal narrative has coaxed liberating tales out of everyday people, creating unforgettable experiences for performers and audiences alike. This award-winning Bay Area landmark has become a national treasure by consistently showcasing the vulnerability, unexpected transcendence and hilarity of human sexuality. So who better to help you find the amazing stories in your life and teach you how to tell them with jaw-dropping style than the woman who founded the sex and storytelling movement?

You now have the exclusive opportunity to learn directly from Bawdy’s founder and master storyteller, Dixie De La Tour. In this one time workshop you can get the direction and coaching that all Bawdy storytellers receive before they take the stage (the workshop taught to students at Yale earlier this year) – plus much more!

In this groundbreaking storytelling workshop, you will learn

• How to use ‘story’ to talk about sex & sexuality in honest, entertaining, & often fascinating ways

• Recognizing the raw material in your own life, & crafting it into a stage-worthy performance

• The basics of a great story: narrative structure, holding your audience’s attention, the components that move your story forward, & ending your tale on the right note

• How to deliver a stellar stage performance, dealing with stage fright & more

Whether you're a comedian, an author, a sex worker or porn performer or (like most of us) just a regular joe with stories you'd love to bring to the stage, this course will help you find the material in your own life that can make for a legendary tale. For the first time, Dixie will share the secrets of storycraft and help you augment your telling technique so that you’ve got the charm of a pro - plus give you pointers on performance chops so that every second of your time in front of an audience (of any size) feels flawless.

Class size is limited, so register now.

About Dixie:

Master storyteller, urban folklorist and curator of perverted stories from coast to coast, Dixie De La Tour created Bawdy Storytelling (the Nation’s original sex and storytelling series) six years ago. Dubbed ‘the Grande Dame of Dirty Storytelling,’ Dixie has turned curating true stories of sexual adventure (and misadventure) into an art form by providing direction and coaching to both experienced stage performers and total newbies. As the founder and host of Bawdy Storytelling, Dixie has produced storytelling events for Yale’s Sex Week, LitQuake, CatalystCon, Dark Odyssey, FetFest and more, and is a sought after coach and curator for sex-positive events and speakers all over the country including shows like SFSI’s 40th Anniversary Celebration & Fundraiser. She has taken Bawdy to Los Angeles, San Diego, New York City, the Washington D.C. area and more – and is bringing Bawdy to many new cities in 2013. Dixie is also the host and creator of BawdySlam (a dirty story slam) and the forthcoming BawdyTalks, a sex-focused take on the TedTalks format.

Stage Werx Theater
446 Valencia St
Ticket price: $69 to $159

Saturday, January 26, 2013 from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Stage Werx Theater
446 Valencia St