Remember that time DC began receiving Michelin stars for the first time, and was named Restaurant City of the Year by Bon Appétit? Oh yeah, those happened just this past summer.

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To round out an incredible year for the DC restaurant scene, distinguished ratings giant Zagat recently named Washington DC the Hottest Food City of 2016. In addition to referencing all the food-related accolades DC has received this year, they cited “DC’s newfound status as the go-to spot for chefs and restaurateurs looking to expand into new territory,” mentioning how multiple restaurateurs like Michael Schlow have come to town to set up shop. Not only that, but local DC chefs like Tom Cunanan at Bad Saint are simply slaying it, and 30 Under 30 chef Kwame Onwuachi opened a highly-anticipated spot to look forward to in 2017.

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In making number one, DC beat out upcoming food cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, and New Orleans. Not too shabby at all—now time to start making those reservations.

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