Ever wish you could slip off somewhere comfortable to pass out for a good 20 minutes and actually feel fully relaxed? Recharj, a new space in the Suntrust Building just steps away from the White House, is aiming to fulfill that role for anyone who hits 2 PM and could use a refresher.

14344913_1786848768240361_3507107736968934437_nRecharj via Facebook

Should you want to get some midday shut eye, you’ll be escorted into a power nap cocoon, which comes with a full-body support pillow, throw pillow, blanket and even an eye mask. Each power nap session is only 20 minutes, so you’ll get a quick reboot before heading back into the work day.

15094454_1817285198530051_9019056501235647303_nRecharj via Facebook

Recharj also offers a series of classes to help you relax with meditation and mindfulness as key components. Of course, because this is DC, there is also a networking class where you can meet and greet fellow power nappers in the community.

14523028_1790942007831037_3420731788404370534_nRecharj via Facebook

The studio’s grand opening is December 15, 2016, and right now they have a special going on for the first week of free, unlimited classes to new members. Looks like there’s never been a better time to zen out in DC.

[Featured Image: Unsplash]

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