Tired of shelling out your hard earned cash for tacos? Well, hang onto your avocado, because a year of free tacos could be in your future.

Taco Bamba‘s third location opens today at 6691 Backlick Road in Springfield and anyone who visits will be entered to win a free year of tacos. And we’re not talking about a single person winning a year of free tacos. Chef Victor Albisu will award the delicious distinction to 100 taco lovers. Start making like you’re sick now, so you can duck out of work early. So what if you lose your job. Free tacos!

If you’ve been to the Falls Church or Vienna location you already know what to expect. If not, prepare for grilled guac, Mallrat nachos with spiced ground beef and bacon, and tacos with everything from beef tongue to pork sausage to spicy goat.

Not everything at the Springfield location is the same as the other locations. Chow down on a Foo Fighter featuring crispy fish, tamarind chile sauce, green papaya, and ancho chili peanuts. Or maybe you’d prefer a Ricky Bobby which comes with brisket suadero, pickled chile, serrano chile salsa, poblano ranch, blistered shishitos, spicy pickled onions, and cilantro. Nom.

Taco Bamba is open right now, so stop reading this and get moving.

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