It’s the dead of winter in January, which means it’s time to strip down to your skivvies to ride the Metro. Depending on who you are, of course.

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It’s the 16th annual No Pants Subway Ride this coming Sunday, January 8th. In case you don’t know the back story, the gathering was started in NYC by Improv Everywhere as a joke, with participants riding the subway without pants and pretending the whole thing was completely normal to freak out other passengers. (The very first surprising ride was chronicled in a This American Life episode.)

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Since then, folks in cities around the world have been meeting up to strip down and have some fun with their fellow city dwellers—including, of course, District residents. This year, if you want to participate, you’ll have to meet the crew at 3 PM sharp at Hancock Park by the L’Enfant Plaza Metro (at the corner of 7th, C, and Maryland SW), where gatherers will strip and be assigned trains to take. There will also be a pants-optional after party and happy hour at 5 PM at The Front Page right at Dupont Circle’s south Metro station entrance. (Here’s the Facebook event, which you can follow for updates day of.) And for the love of god, dress warmly otherwise.

Those that need to get their laughs before April Fool’s—here ya go.

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