Seven days. Three ingredients. One simple way to give back.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 2.13.14 PMNegroni Week

That’s the slogan for Negroni Week which returns for a fifth year this June. More than 3000 bars around the world will spend a full week celebrating one of the finest and simplest cocktails ever concocted. The classic Negroni is made up of three ingredients: one part London Dry Gin, one part Campari, and one part Sweet Vermouth. Top it with an orange peel twist and serve it either straight up or on the rocks. Bam. You’ve made a fancy cocktail.


Sponsored by Imbibe Magazine and Campari (for obvious reasons), Negroni Week puts Count Camillo Negroni’s nearly century-old apéritif (it turns 100 in 2019) in the spotlight, but it’s also for a good cause.  A portion of all the proceeds from every Negroni goes to a local charity selected by the bar.

The Negroni is an easily adaptable cocktail, too, and during Negroni Week we see bartenders creating imaginative variants of the famous cocktail. Many of the most interesting riffs are happening right here in DC. We went ahead and made a comprehensive list of participating bars around the District and what they’re offering during Negroni Week. We managed to catch most of them, but do check out the Negroni Week website for any late additions.


Dinos’ Grotto
1914 9th St. NW

7 Negronis for $7

Partner Charity: Miriam’s Kitchen

Wisdom Cocktail Parlour
1432 Pennsylvania Ave SE

Each Wisdom bartender is producing a personal riff on the negroni.

Partner Charity: Fisher House

Osteria Morini DC
301 Water St SE

MORINI CLASSIC: beefeater gin, campari, carpano antica formula
NEGRONI BIANCO:  plymouth gin, gran classico bitters, cocchi americano
BOULEVARDIER:  old forester bourbon, campari, dolin sweet vermouth
OLD PIEMONTESE PAL: bulleit rye, gran classico, barolo chinato, rosemary

Partner Charity: City Harvest

La Puerta Verde Restaurant
2001 Fenwick St NE

Mezgroni: Mezcal, Sweet Vermouth, Amaro

Partner Charity: Miriam’s Kitchen

Acqua Al 2
212 7th St SE

Negroni Sbagliato: For this “mistaken” Negroni, Proseeco finds it’s way into the cocktail in place of Gin. Campari adds bitter citrus and Cocchi Americano Rosa brings subtle sweetness and summer fruit notes.

Partner Charity: Autism Speaks

Denson Liquor Bar
600 F St. NW

RANSOM NOTE: Ransom Old Tom Gin, Campari, Cocchi sweet vermouth barrel-aged for 14 days, stirred and served up with an orange twist

Charity Partner: No Kid Hungry

BKK Thai Cookshop
1700 New Jersey Ave NW

Negroni On Tap: DC-made Green Hat Gin, Dolin Sweet Vermouth and Campari

Partner Charity: Miriam’s Kitchen

1610 14th St NW

Rosmarino Bambino: Rosemary and Pomegranate Infused Gin, Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth, Campari

Partner Charity: Miriam’s Kitchen

1610 14th St NW

Barrel Aged Negroni: New Amsterdam Gin, Dolin Sweet Vermouth, Campari

Partner Charity: Miriam’s Kitchen

2201 14th St NW

Kapnos isn’t messing around. They’ll have nine cocktails on the menu. Highly detailed descriptions below:

The Classic, which will consist of Bombay Sapphire, Campari and Martini & Rossi Sweet vermouth. The original with herbaceous notes in front, bitterness following on the mid palate and a sweet finish on the end.

The Bianco, which will consist of Ford’s gin, Salers Aperitif, Dolin Blanc, Dolin Dry, lemon bitters and chardonnay vinegar. A twist on a white Negroni with nice bright acidity, mild bitterness that compliments the softness of the cocktail.

The Cardinale, which will feature Blue Coat gin, Contratto Bitter and Cinzano Extra Dry. An ode to a forgotten classic using American gin. A nice dry Negroni version that plays well with light bitter and sweet notes.

The Boulevardier, which will feature Angel’s Envy bourbon, Meletti 1870 and Dolin Rouge. A bourbon Negroni where the whiskey shines. Sweet, bitter and boozy.

The Old Pal, which will feature Redemption Rye, Luxardo Bitter and Carpano Dry. Another whiskey Negroni but this one using rye which gives this cocktail some spice the compliments the dry and bitter finish.

The Sbagliato which will feature Samos Moscatel, Cappelletti, prosecco and sparkling water. A refreshing Negroni which uses a Greek moscatel which adds notes of orange blossom and rose petals.

The Americano, which will feature Campari, Cocchi Torino and sparkling water. A sweet and bitter aperitif.

The Oaxacan, which will feature Altos Reposado tequila, Illegal Reposado mezcal, Campari, Punt e Mes, mole bitters and Valrhona chocolate. An ode to Mexico, this Negroni variation draws inspiration from the classic mole sauce traditionally used in many Mexican dishes. Mezcal adds a smokey characteristic which plays well off the bitter chocolate.

The Sorbetto, which will feature Plymouth gin, Luxardo Bitter, Allessio Bianco, Dolin Dry, orange sorbet, orange bitters, orange cream citrate, prosecco and orange blossom. This Negroni variation was created with classic Italian sorbets in mind. A sweet and super refreshing cocktail. The perfect balance of fruit, bitter, sweet, dry and herbal.

Charity Partner: No Kid Hungry

Blue 44 Restaurant & Bar
5507 Connecticut Ave NW

Negroni Sbagliato: $8 from 5pm – 10pm every night except 9pm on Sundays…
The cocktail contains:
-House-made sweet vermouth
-Sparkling wine

Partner Charity: Miriam’s Kitchen

Hank’s Cocktail Bar
819 Upshur St NW

Bittersweet Surrender: Gin, Red Pepper, Campari, Vermouth

Partner Charity: Miriam’s Kitchen

Hank’s Oyster Bar
1624 Q St NW

Chicaroni: Chicory Gin, Campari, Dopo Teatro

Partner Charity: Miriam’s Kitchen

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