Party people, get ready to keep clinking those champagne glasses into the early morning, because not only will 2016 (finally!) be over, but Metro will be running until 3 AM on New Year’s Eve.

It’s just for that evening, but it’s definitely better than the alternative—especially since Uber will probably be surging like crazy that evening. Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld commented that the decision to run until the early hours was “an important public service for the benefit of riders and the communities we serve,” and we could not agree more. It’s unfortunate that it’s just for the night, but perhaps if all goes well it’ll be the sign of more to come.

2861010541_5fed24f591_bChris Dag via Flickr

On top of that, because Christmas and New Year’s are on Sunday this year, the holidays are officially observed the following Monday, so weekend schedules will be in effect all through each extra day, with off-peak fares and free parking at all Metro-operated facilities also in effect. Cheers to 2017 and extended Metro schedules!

[Featured Image: Hawthorne Ave via Flickr]

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