Well, time to beset the residents of DC, who have already been hit with quite enough bad news as of late, with even more bad news. According to a report released by Smart Growth America covered in Greater Greater Washington, the DC Metro area is the 69th deadliest place nationally for pedestrians.

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According to the report, 814 walkers in the DC metro area have been killed from 2005 and 2014. The ranking is based on the Pedestrian Danger Index, or PDI, which took a look at the 104 largest metro areas in the United States and calculated the share of local commuters who walk to work (which they deemed the best available measure of how many people are likely to be out walking each day) and put that against the most recent data on pedestrian deaths. DC did not in any way come close to the danger that is living in Florida, where state metro areas occupied the top seven spots in the study, but still, the District still places high enough for this issue to be dealt with more directly.

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For a small slice of good news, the Pedestrian Danger Index has fallen in most metro areas since 2014. Still, working on features like safer street design, well-marked crossings, and so on should continue lowering this number in the future. And remember: Look both ways!

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