No, it isn’t a remake of the 1958 cult classic Attack of the 50 Foot Woman set in the nation’s capital. This 45-foot-tall woman is part of a Catharsis on the Mall 2017, a Burning Man inspired event set to take place on the National Mall November 10-12.

This is the third year for Catharsis on the Mall and if organizers meet crowdfunding goals this year the event will have the 45-foot-tall sculpture R-Evolution looking over it.

Catharsis on the Mall - R Evolution

Photo Credit: 2015 Galen Oakes Art

According to

R-Evolution is Deja Solis, a woman standing in her strength and power… expressing her humanity; how she feels when she is safe, when she can just be. R-Evolution is the third in a series of three monumental sculptures, The Bliss Project, by artist Marco Cochrane conceived of in collaboration with model Deja Solis, these sculptures are intended to demand a change in perspective… to be agents for social change.  They are intended to challenge the viewer to see past the sexual charge that has developed around the female body, to the person: to de-objectify women and inspire people across the world to take action to end violence against women, create space for women’s voices and demand equal rights for all, thus allowing everyone to live fully and thrive.

Catharsis on the Mall

If installed, R-Evolution will stand in front of the Washington Monument facing the White House. The sculpture has “preliminary approval” from the National Park Service and would be installed starting with Catharsis on the Mall’s weekend through March 2018.

More about Catharsis on the Mall:

Catharsis on the Mall is an annual vigil for healing where artists, activists, D.C. community, and passers-by, join together to let go, hold space, share, sing, burn a Burning Man-inspired temple, and dance until sunrise.  All are welcome to this free public event.  In its inaugural year, Catharsis focused on healing from the drug war, and last year, Catharsis highlighted Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the immediate wake of the election.  This year, Catharsis has chosen the art theme “Nurturing the Heart,” and along with its partners, including Equal Means Equal, invites volunteers to continue the vigil to raise awareness about the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

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