In case you’ve never been to the Alamo Drafthouse in other cities, picture it like this—a beautiful movie theater where you can order cocktails right from your seat, right in the middle of the movie, as well as gourmet snacks. There’s also a separate bar should you want to come early to the movie and have a drink or two before heading inside.

4671980516_16caf7c8c8_beng1ne via Flickr

The first Washington, DC location for the theater chain will be at RP Realty’s Bryant Street development along the Rhode Island Avenue corridor. It won’t be open till 2019, but it will herald the beginning of a newly developed destination center in this section of DC, with “public plazas, green space, interactive art installations, direct bike trail and metro access” according Michael Skena, senior vice president of MRP Realty.

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It’ll be 44,000 square feet of entertainment, so you can anticipate a significantly better spot to bring that Tinder date come 2019.

[Featured Image: Bruce Turner via Flickr]

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