Today is a big day for Full House fans. Full House first aired thirty years ago today and season three of Fuller House is now streaming on Netflix.

The widely-loved series has made a monument out of 1709 Broderick Street in San Francisco. This house was picked to represent the exterior of the Tanner family’s home back in 1989. However, the exterior of the house was only filmed a few times back then. After the show took off, the owners and neighbors wouldn’t allow producers to come back and film more shots of the house. That is, until the show’s creator, Jeff Franklin, purchased the house in 2016.

Now, thirty years later, Franklin and the producers of Fuller House finally have the freedom to do what they want to the house. Or so you’d think. Neighbors are fighting Franklin and putting a major block on his projects because they don’t want more attention brought to their neighborhood. (Note that homes on this street are valued at approximately four million dollars.)

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Franklin planned on adding the red door back onto the house and constructing the inside to look like the Tanner/Fuller home. He even considered creating a Full House museum and opening it to the public, according to The Hollywood Reporter. So far, not much has been done. The interior of the home is completely gutted and the neighbors and the show’s executives are in a huge battle, according to the security guard.

Fans are waiting with high hopes of a real-life Full House house. How cool would it be to actually go inside the iconic home?! Fingers crossed that Jeff Franklin gets his way!

Watch season three of Fuller House now streaming on Netflix.

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