It’s summer, which is barbecue season. However, we know you don’t always want to stand over a grill making burgers for everyone. So instead we made a list of where you’ve gotta go eat them in Sf. Whatever toppings, cook temp and sides your heart desires, you’ll find at these places. So start satisfying your burger urge here and now.


2346 Chestnut St.

This place serves a burger that’s basically what in n out would be if it got a major increase in its allowance. Two patties, Vermont cheddar, and island dressing esque sauce, served in an environment several classy steps above in n out, this burger deserves a trophy. But tbh it’s probably too humble to accept one, kind of like your perfect friend you want to hate but can’t because she’s so darn sweet.

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560 Divisadero St. @ Hayes  This two story, airy restaurant on Divisadero requires brunch reservations at least one month in advance. But they do so much more than brunch. Case in point: their burger that straight up kills the game. The pickled onions and the juiciness of the meat on this burger obliterate the need for cheese. Enjoy with any of their signature cocktails for ultimate end of the day happiness.

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4505 Burgers and BBQ

705 Divisadero

You’re eating something called the best damn grassfed burger, so the title alone should have you stoked. They actually live up to the hype though by serving high quality, delicious, simple burgers that slay every time. The smell wafting out of this place always lures me in, and I don’t ever regret following my nose in, full on garfield style.


1658 Market Street This place may be best known for its chicken, which is undeniably incredible. But they also churn out a dang tasty burger, on rosemary foccacia topped with garlic aioli, house made pickles, and pickled onions. Their fries are also ridiculously tasty so get them on the side.

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1785 Union Street and 1923 Fillmore Street 

Burger, meet boujee, boujee, this is burger. Roam is into the whole organic, locally sourced trend. You can pick one of their flavor combos or build your own burger. They also make killer truffle parm and sweet potato fries. If beef isn’t your jam go with turkey or bison. And don’t forget to finish things off with a seasonal shake.

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Balboa Cafe

 3199 Fillmore St My boss is a burger connessiur if you will, and this was the burger he said tops his list. And I’ve gotta agree with him on this one. You wouldn’t think that a baguette as a bun would work, but boy did you think wrong. House-cured pickles, citrusy-peppery red onion rings, and some darn tasty fries will come with your burger. If you’re feeling (and paying) extra, add on mushrooms, griddled onions, bacon, cheddar, Swiss, jack, and/or blue cheese.

Gott’s Roadside

Ferry Building Marketplace 
1 Ferry Building #6 

Originating in Napa, almost immediately after the Embarcadero location opened, lines here would snake around the building. I can’t think of a better testament to their burger than that. They take 1/3 pound of high quality Nieman Ranch beef and cook it to medium well. Toppings ranged from cheddar, to fried egg, to kimchi so there is inevitably something for errybody. As an homage to their Napa roots, you’ll also find an extensive list of wines by the glass or bottle, and delicious soft serve or shakes in a wide variety of flavors.

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500 Brannan Street This burger is so popular that is spawned its very own popup restaurant back in 2015. Since then, they’ve expanded to serve the burger in the Marlowe restaurant as well as in sister restaurants Park Tavern and The Cavalier. Gotta love a place that preaches consistency after all. But why’s this burger such a big deal? Well, for starters, it’s topped with carmalized onions, bacon, cheddar cheese, and a horseradish aioli. For enders, it comes served with out of this world yummy thrice cooked fries.

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Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers

708 Post St.

Another recommendation from the boss man, this place boasts the option to do a deluxe burger, mini deluxe burger, a kobe burger, or even a Buffalo burger. You can also substitute chicken, turkey or veggie patties. Wit ha range of toppings from pineapple and avocado, to bleu cheese, pesto and ranch, this place is taking gourmet burgers to a new, and inventive level. Chose half fries, half onion rings as a side. And wash down with a milkshake that you can add Nutella or cheesecake to for $1.

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Monk’s Kettle

3141 16th St. A restaurant that makes all their food from scratch, and they preach high quality by utilizing locally and organically farmed produce, free-range meats, sustainable seafood, and artisan breads and cheeses. Their burger is a standout for multiple reasons. It’s made from brisket and chuck, then topped with onion jam, gruyere, aioli, and optional bacon (we know you’re adding bacon). Enjoy to the fullest with a beer and their hand cut fries.


846 Geary St

You know a burger is solid when Zagat recommends it. The bun is sweet poppyseed, which contains this plethora of toppings: bacon; medium-rare beef patty; flavorful cheese; lots and lots of aioli; thin, crispy onions; and some hefty homemade sour pickles. No one would judge you if you went in on this burger with a fork. In fact, more power to you for taking on the dedication required to finish the thing.

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3640 Sacramento St, Eater, Thrillist, and Yelp solidly back this burger. And so do we. You’ve gotta come for lunch to get the burger, but boy is it worth it. While an english muffin doesn’t come to mind as the first thing you put a burger on, somehow it just makes sense here. To feel like a king/queen, go all out and pay the $2 to add foi gras. Life is short, you know.

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Black Sands Brewery

701 Haight St. 

A soft and buttery bun, thin but perfectly done slab of meat, classic American cheese, and a special sauce make this an American classic at its best. And it just gets better each time you eat it.

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475 3rd St. This place ends up on everyone’s best burger list for a reason: it’s just that good. The burger utilizes every critical element to its best: shredded lettuce, a griddled to perfection bun, the specialist of all sauces, pickles (although tbh pickles will never be my fave), grilled onions (as opposed to the more common on this list caramelized version), and ideal meat that is simultaneously pink and charred, and melted American cheese to pull everything into harmony. And clocking in at less than $10 it’s financially your best option. Talk about bang (and burger) for your buck.

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Wesburger ‘n’ More

2240 Mission St. 

Their webpage reads “Because burgers are fun” and that’s a statement I can get behind. Their burgers are all 6 ounces, and can be substituted with a veggie burger. With an emphasis on simplicity and quality over quantity the menu is short on content but big on flavor. With a comfort food focus, sides include mac n cheese, potato salad, brisket beans or tater tots. Dig in with no regrets here. Wash it down with a root beer on tap.


2184 Union Street This place has spawned outposts in NYC but the original is SF born and bred. They just started serving the impossible burger (plant based but works to imitate the real thing), but their original burgers are where its at. There’s a falafel burger, short rib sliders, a crispy chicken burger, and my personal favorite, the truffle burger. Don’t miss out on the sides here either though. There are maple bacon fries, carmelized brussel sprouts with bacon, tempura onion rings, and butter corn, just to name a few. Smothered fries also offer a riff on poutine. What I’m saying is that you can’t go wrong here.

Mission Bowling Club

3176 17th St.

Bowling food has gotten a bad rap. Mission Bowling is here to reverse that damage by serving a bomb burger. Their mission burger is topped with monteray jack, carmalized onions, and caper aioli. Plus a side of fries. Enjoy at happy hour from 3-6 Monday through Friday for $10.

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998 Market St. and 330 Townsend St.  Last but never least, is break out burger star Popsons. With buns from Petit Pain, and beef that is butchered, ground and pattied daily quality is a key player here. Their veggie burger also sounds genuinely tasty. Make sure to try the chili cheese fries too.

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Now go celebrate this holiday accordingly. We just gave you all the options, and you can’t go wrong with any or all of them. Although we’d be gosh dang impressed if you did all of them…

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