Well, this gives “going for a relaxing run” a whole new meaning. Dubbed Power Plant Fitness, San Francisco’s first 4/20-friendly gym is exactly what it sounds like: a place that encourages you to hit the weights in an altered state. It’s scheduled to open this fall, and while there won’t be smoking in the actual gym, there will be edibles available on site as well as a smoking deck right outside.

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For those who think working out and toking up are at cross purposes, Power Plant insists it’ll be a real-deal fitness spot and not just a place for stoners to chill out and maybe lift a weight or two. The gym is co-founded by former NFL player Ricky Williams and Jim McAlpine, who has started several other athletic-themed cannabis events looking to legitimize the MJ as a workout supplement, including the 4/20 Games and the 4.20 Mile Fun Run. As Alpine says on the 4/20 Games blog, “It won’t be a place to get high and just screw around.” The mission of this permanent location, as with his other events combining fitness and weed, is to “show that cannabis users are NOT lazy, unmotivated or ‘stoners’ and to de-stigmatize the millions who use cannabis in a healthy and responsible lifestyle.” (So if you use “Because I Got High” as your excuse for not hitting up the gym—uh, you might want to stay away.)

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You won’t just be able to walk in and start bench pressing 420, either. Apparently, you have to go through a “Cannabis Performance Assessment” when you sign up to be a member. What this entails, we’re not exactly sure, but staff will either develop a fitness regimen based on how your body reacts to cannabis, or quite possibly, as Alpine told SFist, they might just tell you you’re not someone who can toke up and work out. Bummer. Overall, Alpine emphasizes that they’re “focused on the athletic side, not the cannabis side” and that this is a serious venture.

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Always wanted to hit two birds with one stone and exercise in a semi-relaxed state? This could totally be for you. If it sounds like more work than you’d be able to do after a taking a hit, though, you can always fall back on going to Dolores Park, now that it’s, you know, free to sit on the grass again.

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