Welcome to Northern Corgifornia, land of the Corgi.

Over the weekend on Saturday, June 27th, Ocean Beach experienced a high tide of cuteness — the Nor Cal CorgiCon.

11130348_1572989279619165_6158628604381308130_oArt by Brian Ray and Byron Delima

The event had special events like a Costume Contest and Corgi Races, as well as one amazing group photo.

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11330766_645566898911433_179324397_nMarion Lucas via CrowdAlbum

11333758_840624719324190_1914262165_n@stephaniehonu via CrowdAlbum

The event wasn’t just an opportunity for owners to show off their magnificent pups — proceeds of the event were donated to Corgi Aid and Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

11380761_120979771570251_1181415599_n@hymnkvnchn via CrowdAlbum

11327894_560398944099073_2067988784_n@penne_the_corgi via CrowdAlbum
11380791_908840782516211_589021188_n@dashthecorgi via CrowdAlbum

And now for some slo-mo Corgi action:

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See all the photos you could ever want over at CrowdAlbum. So. Many. Corgis.

[Featured Image: @angelapark via CrowdAlbum]

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