Welcome to San Francisco, where aspects of our weather climate are on Twitter.

16086392489_0b78fcc201_hDavid Yu via Flickr

He’s here, he’s there, he’s literally everywhere — Karl The Fog is perhaps our favorite moniker for the fog that shrouds us on the daily.

Instead of complaining about the incessant mist, SF has embraced it wholeheartedly to the point that it has its own name and personality. And man, Karl is hilarious.

Here are our 10 favorite tweets by our foggy friend.

1. You can expect the same forecast this year.


2. Every. Single. Time.


3. What we’re really looking for on Tinder and Happn.


4. The perfect reaction to the “#HellaStorm” that never was.


5. Another truth about the second a drop of rain hits the ground in SF.


6. Can’t deny it.


7. Both punny and accurate.


8. Almost two years later and it still tastes the same.


9. Karl’s worst nightmare.


10. Karl’s even cool enough to make it on Jeopardy.

Though the comedic genius (geniuses?) behind the account continue to remain anonymous, you can learn more about Karl’s online presence here, thanks to SF Weekly.

If you haven’t followed Karl on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you are seriously missing out. Also, be prepared for Karl lurking in a neighborhood with this sweet new microclimate app.

[Featured Image: Nathan Jones via Flickr]

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