Just a few days ago, BART made national news when a woman escaped a mystery note-mugger by faking a seizure.  We decided it was time to dig up some more bizarre BART moments. Here are seven of the strangest BART incidents ever to make the news, ranked from kinda weird to batshit crazy.

7. Those turnstile-jumping pigeons

Pigeons riding BART trains—apparently it’s a thing. Reddit User rushingkar shares:

“One time there was a pigeon on my train, at Fremont station. I think that pigeon rode BART all the way from SF. I tried to use the “call operator” panels at the end of each car, but all 3 I tried didn’t work (that wasn’t very comforting). We finally got a BART employee walking down the platform to take care of it. He tried to grab it with his gloved hands but he missed. It tried flying into the window and eventually found the open door. I wonder if that pigeon ever found its way back to SF.”

6. The Refrigerator Dude

So many questions, and so little answers. I mean, I guess there’s no one telling you that you can’t bring a fridge onto the train.

stephthegeek on Reddit
Photo by Reddit user stephthegeek

5. This slab of meat takin’ a ride

Just last year, passengers noticed a cold and limp slab of raw meat resting on the seat of a train headed to Pittsburg Bay Point. The steak was evidently quite expensive and would’ve cost between $30-$40 in retail price. It’s also been presumed that multiple passengers have accidentally sat right onto it.


Jennifer Christensen

Photo by Jennifer Christensen on SFGATE: Read the full story here

4. Are we riding in a public restroom?

This one’s pretty self-explanatory.

Reddit user desidahi shares:

First day in the Bay area, took Bart to Fremont (from the airport). Some lady took the last row seat, and happily peed away. I could hear it and I got worried that the flow may splosh into my luggage and me … She got off the train at some station … no one came to clean it up or investigate, till I landed in Fremont! Always paranoid that it may happen again, every time I take the Bart.”

Reddit user generic_name shares:

One day on the way home from work I got onto a half empty train, which is pretty rare during the 5pm rush hour. My joy was quickly turned to disgust when I realized there was shit smeared all over the floor of the train. I moved over to the next car which was crammed with people and saw I woman I see every day. She laughed and asked if I thought I was getting a seat. Anyways, that was the shittiest ride ever.”

Reddit user RichardSimmons shares:

“I was riding the train during peak commute hours, packed standing room except for one seat in the back row of the train next to a messed up looking homeless guy. The train pulled up to the next stop and some passengers squeezed in and one of them decided to take seat. As soon as he sat down he look shocked and the homeless guy says out loud, “I pissed myself”. The guy darted away to the next train but I’m pretty sure he sat down in a puddle of the homeless guy’s pee.” 

3. That guy who tried to get down with a seat cushion

In May of 2013, a 28 year-old man was accused of trying to have sex with a BART seat cushion. He was arrested after a BART operator found him on his knees “thrusting his pelvis against a seat” and smoking crack cocaine. He was eventually acquitted of indecent exposure. You know, the usual BART stuff.

Dan Brekke

Photo by Dan Brekke on KQE

2. The amateur pornographic video

Four years ago, two “partially disrobed” people were caught having intercourse in a moving BART train for an amateur pornographic video. Yeah, that’s pretty gross, but honestly, how surprised are you?


Photo by worldstarhiphop.com

1. The naked acrobat attacks

This incident easily tops our list: back in 2013, a butt-naked acrobat who allegedly worked for a troupe lunged at passengers in a BART station. Check out the YouTube video here, if you dare:


Photo by Kron4.com

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