Treat your glazed-over eyes and stoney brain to some — dare I say — dank views this 4/20. Because nothing is better than a great view of the city in the city…while high. 

In lieu of going to Hippie Hill or Dolores Park, create your own adventure this 4/20 with these lovely view spots. Just please don’t drive when you are high as hell — take the bus to the local ones or grab that friend who doesn’t smoke (but still loves a good view) for the further ones.

While smoking weed at these public locations is at your own risk, at least the view is totally legal.

1. Mt. Tam Fire Lookout

8126734829_bc0d64c154_bDavid Yu via Flickr
It’s ambitious, yes, but well worth it. Plus if you can’t make it up all the way (lung capacity most likely not running at optimal level), you will be getting a good view the whole time.

2. Billy Goat Hill

918154481_20fc1e7cc4_bPhoto by Charles Wagner via Flickr
Get high (in all meanings of the word) on the swing overlooking the city. Childhood fun gone awry!

3. Mount Sutro

7958309884_15c1fd2ca0_hPhoto by duluoz cats via Flickr
For the nature lovers, this is a quick escape with lush forests and open vistas where you can sneak a peek of the Golden Gate.

4. Potrero Hill

15674892061_6c1a569151_kPhoto by Michael Muraz via Flickr
Park at the bottom of the hill for a little exercise, or just drive up to the top and marvel at the view. It’s a good one. Hurry up and enjoy it before condos start obstructing the view even more than they already are.

5. Tank Hill

o-2Photo by Patrick H. via Yelp
A serene and lesser-known hilltop in the city for those who want to avoid Twin Peaks or Bernal Heights.

6. Twin Peaks

San Francisco from Twin Peaks after SunsetPhoto by Marc Liyanage via Flickr
Because duh. It will probably be windy though, so keep that in mind.

7. Telegraph Hill

5329692368_b038456924_bPhoto by Andy Castro via Flickr
You could go up to the top of Coit Tower, but that closes early and costs money. You might as well just hang out at the top of the hill with the feral parrots…and then go eat pizza in North Beach.

8. Bernal Heights Park

1456062829_87cb3c77a7_bPhoto by Todd Lappin via Flickr
A classic with 360 views of the whole city — good day or night.

9. Treasure Island

15434330733_9e6f6da0a9_kPhoto by Keith Cuddeback via Flickr
Wander near the Yacht Harbor for an eerie experience (not for the paranoid smokers), or simply take in the breathtaking views of San Francisco. Getting there couldn’t be easier — just hop on the 108 from the Transbay Temporary Terminal which will take you there. Optional: make a pitstop at Yerba Buena Island.

10. Hawk Hill

3190047319_d7467ce16a_bPhoto by Doug Letterman via Flickr
Located in the Marin Headlands, you can get a nice view of the Golden Gate both day and night – that is, if Karl isn’t around.

11. The Very End of Pier 14

15085279635_58181d7064_kPhoto by Paul Gravestock via Flickr
While this would be better if the Bay Bridge lights were still doing their trippy things, it’s still a primo view of the Bridge and the Financial District. I recommend heading down a little before dusk with some layers.

12. Grand View Park

The Inner Sunset Comes AlivePhoto by Aaron Tait via Flickr
Spend a little too long staring at the Mosaic Stairs on 16th due to those strong ass edibles you ate (tottttallllllly bro), and then celebrate that you didn’t completely lose yourself at the top with the view.

13. Mount Davidson

Mt-davidson-view-of-downtown-2005_2002Photo via FoundSF
It’s the highest natural point in San Francisco, so your goal is to be the highest person there and then find the giant white cross.

Bonus Views:

  • 14. Vallejo Street Steps: For the gym toker: get a workout by climbing up these steps before (or after, whatever) you get stoned – between the high from endorphins and the high from THC, you are going to feel great.
  • 15. Inspiration Point: For the introspective stoner: a serene place where you can see the Palace of Fine Arts, the Bay and Alcatraz.
  • 16. Lands End: For the spiritual weed aficionado: after you take in the Golden Gate Bridge, wander the labyrinth and question your entire life.
  • 17. Corona Heights: For the marijuana dog whisperer: pet other people’s dogs while you take in the urban sprawl.

If somehow none of these spots appeal to you, there are also 49 hills in this city. I have faith that you can find a nice little hump near you to smoke the night away.

This post originally appeared on April 16, 2015.

[Featured Image: David Yu via Flickr]


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