As if being single wasn’t difficult enough at times, it’s also quite the money sucker — especially in a city like ours.

GOBankingRates, a financial service website, surveyed 89 U.S. cities and compared the local costs of these 4 categories that apparently impact single people the most: the price of wardrobe staples, gym memberships, date night expenses, and rent.

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The reason for the inclusion of wardrobe staples and gym memberships is due to desire to “stay attractive and dateable,” according to GOBankingRates.

And of course, San Francisco is ranked #1 with an average rent price at $3.36 per square foot and a date supposedly costing $147 (what?!).

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Fremont oddly is ranked #6, which is blowing my mind — apparently a date night costs $161, which is the second highest of all the cities, and rent is at $1.94 per square foot.

Oakland ranks at #14, despite having an average clothing cost that is lower than the median. But alas, living costs are there to pick up the slack, with an average rent price costing $1.94 per square foot. Gym and date night also are on the expensive side, earning the once-affordable city a spot on the list.

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As far as data goes, GOBankingRates got their numbers sourced from Numbeo, the “world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide.”

For clothing, they averaged the costs of four staples: business shoes, sports shoes, jeans, and a dress. For a date, they added up the sum of the following: a bottle of wine, dinner for two, two movie tickets, and a 10-mile taxi ride, the latter being a bit of a flaw as our city isn’t even that big. And for a gym membership, they — no surprise here — looked up monthly subscription costs.

While I don’t think they did the cleanest job with this investigation, it doesn’t surprise me either — I think it’s just that San Francisco is expensive for everyone.

Are you single in San Francisco? Do you think these numbers are accurate?

[via SFGate | Featured Image: George Buchholz via Flickr]

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