Oh, SF BART Twitter account—back at it again with the going rogue. This time, instead of getting real with folks on the platform, they decided to have a little fun with the Los Angeles Metro account, challenging them to a full-on haiku battle on Twitter this past Friday.

It all started with an innocuous tweet featuring a short BART haiku, which SF BART responded to with their usual somber reality check.

Then, they decided to turn this random happenstance tweet into a more playful event: a haiku battle.

SF BART led the charge.

Then, when they heard no response, went in for the kill.

Burn. The gauntlet had been thrown. Someone else stepped in to throw shade at wait times for trains, which SF BART turned into another LA burn.

At that point, LA Metro finally chimed in:

It got ugly quickly. Sports were brought in.

LA Metro brought the heat back.

BART then brought up the whole airport thing.

By this point, other Twitter users were chiming in to help out.

BART softened a bit, giving props to LA Metro’s new line from downtown to Santa Monica.

Then mused about whether the two would ever cross paths.

But LA Metro was having none of it, chiming in with a Silicon Valley reference and how SF BART has been overtaken by tech.

BART had a burn ready for them.

By this point, there was quite the audience amused by their antics.

And they tried to rope in the New York MTA.

And make them jealous of what we West Coast public transport users got.

After no response from the New York side, BART got back to business.

And then creeped us all out.

But especially LA Metro.

With that, the poetry slam was concluded—until next time, that is.

Both sides are down.

We’ll be ready with our popcorn when that happens.

[Featured Image: Mary and Andrew via Flickr]

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