You might not realize it, but when it comes to female bffs on the screen some of the best relationships took place right here in San Francisco. Here are five of our ideal San Francisco bestie relationships.

1. Mia and Lilly

These Princess Diary bffs made us laugh, cry, and want to live in a firehouse turned apartment too. Anne Hathaway’s Mia is also pretty much responsible for starting the “shut up!” trend, so there’s that.

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2. Piper, Phoebe, Prue (RIP), and Paige

These sister witches had a seriously unbreakable bond. Battling demons by day, navigating boys by night, and being there for each other 24/7 made us want to be part of their sister clan. Charmed is on Netflix, binge it stat.

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3. DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibler

Kimmy was the wacky girl next door, and DJ was her loyal and only friend. Then they grew up, had kids, and stayed friends. Full House became Fuller House, and these two went from childhood besties to adulthood besties.

4. Chelsea and Raven

Following in Full House’s footsteps, they just released a That’s So Raven reboot, called Raven’s House, but its set in Chicago. Chelsea and Raven remain besties though. Chelsea may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but she’s got a heart of gold and good intentions. And Raven’s visions get her into more trouble than good, but Chelsea is always there to help clean up any messes. Even if she caused those messes.

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5. Sophia and Gabbie

Young and Hungry has spawned a great friendship. Sassy Latina Sophia is the logical friend, while Gabbie is more talented in the kitchen, as a personal chef to a tech startup billionare, than she is in life. She hooked up with said billionare boss and chaos ensued… These two have each others backs no matter what though, as roommates and best friends. They’re comical, stylish, broke and fun to watch.

Now go tell your girlfriends how much you love em.

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