We knew the city by the bay had a rep for toking it up, but we didn’t know it was that much. The Washington Post reported yesterday on data released (ironically) by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) indicating the Bay Area puff, puff, passes more than any other place in the country.

13955329165_6791d57290_kGaston Dog via Flickr

It’s not that surprising, but it feels like a crazy stat considering we beat cities in Colorado and Washington, where the stuff’s been legal for a while now. But those states certainly had a high saturation of people who roll up regularly, of course, in addition to heavy pockets of smokers in Maine and Vermont (heeeeey, Bernie fans.) According to the data, over 15 percent of San Francisco residents age 12 and over use marijuana monthly or more. By comparison, the southernmost part of Texas touched the MJ the least, with just over 3 percent. The report even says that parts of Los Angeles were at just over 6 percent—which, again, just gives you a sense of how much our city attends to 4:20 regularly.

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So be proud, Bay Area and light one up for all your fellow residents that earned us this great honor.

[Featured Image: Tinou Bao via Flickr]

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