Get used to having a roommate, for like, ever.


This map from the folks at Zumper found that we reached an all time high for a 1-bedroom apartment in February, clocking in at an average of $3,460.

On top of that, it’s only going upwards. They reported that San Francisco rents have “continued upwards, increasing 1.5% month over month and 3.3% over the last quarter.” Awesome.

What’s interesting is that typically expensive areas (Russian Hill, Pac Heights, the Marina, Nob Hill, and Lower Pac Heights) have either stayed the same or dropped in price. Don’t let that fool you however, because it’s still expensive as hell—Russian Hill has an average 1-bedroom renting price of $3,830.

Here’s to living with seven other people in a home meant for three until we start collecting social security. Oh wait, that probably won’t even be around either.

[Source: Zumper | Featured Image: Zumper]

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