The tiny house movement has begun to take off in the Bay Area, which isn’t exactly shocking. The recent trend of building and moving into teensy spaces has been notably popular among hipsters and creatives, something that was gently mocked in a Portlandia sketch, and, of course, aligns well with the culture here in San Francisco. Furthermore, on a more serious note, the rise of interest in tiny houses coincides with the skyrocketing real estate market in the Bay Area. The miniature home offers an appealing option for residents who want to eventually become homeowners and for whom all other options are financially impossible.

So how does one define a tiny house? According to the Tiny House Community (yes, it’s a thing), it must be 400 square feet or less and can sit on either wheels or a foundation. The latest house to join the movement in San Francisco is only 93 square feet. Let that soak in a little.

tiny house 1Via Azevedo Design

To be fair, it’s not exactly a standalone house like many of the other mini properties in the movement that are built by hand. In fact, this particular space wasn’t even designed to be a home. Originally a boiler room for a 100-year-old laundry that used to occupy the space, architect Christi Azevedo of Azevedo Design was asked to convert it into a guest house.

And convert it she did. In spite of so few square feet to work with, the space is outfitted with a full kitchen, living room with couch and coffee table, bathroom, loft with a queen mattress, bookshelves and reading lamps. Suffice to say, the interior is pretty amazing:

brickhouse03Via Azevedo Design

brickhouse02Via Azevedo Design

brickhouse07Via Azevedo Design
brickhouse06Via Azevedo Design

Business Insider did a video tour of the interior as well that’s worth checking out:

If you thought you couldn’t live in just 93 square feet of space before, well—we may possibly have just planted the seed.

[Featured Image: Azevedo Design]

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