All of your Instagram dreams are coming true!

Both The Color Factory and the Museum of Ice Cream saw their initial ticket reserves sell out in record time. As a result, many of us were unable to secure tickets and were left wondering if we’d continue to have bland Instagram pages. Good news, both immersive experiences announced today they’re releasing more tickets – THIS WEEK!

If you want Color Factory tickets you’ll have your chance tomorrow at 11 a.m. Color Factory tickets will be available here.

If you want Museum of Ice Cream tickets, well, it’s a bit more complicated. If you (or a friend) is lucky enough to be an American Express platinum card holder you’re up at 9 a.m. tomorrow. All other AmEx holders? You get your chance on Thursday. And the rest of us? We’ll have our chance on Friday at 9 a.m. Don’t worry, only a limited number of tickets are made available to AmEx holders, so there should be a decent number of tickets available on Friday. And, remember, the Museum of Ice Cream has had several extensions in Los Angeles.

See the Facebook announcements from the two experiences below for more details.



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