What year is it?

The finale of Twin Peaks: The Return was more than a month ago leaving fans of the show with more questions than answers. If you’re still spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to make sense of it all, good news, Mikkeller is releasing the perfect beers to sip while continuing to ponder.

According to the Twin Peaks fansite “Welcome To Twin Peaks,” this weekend Mikkeller will release three Twin Peaks themed beers at David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption in Los Angeles. After the festival, limited quantities of the three beers will be made available at Mikkeller locations in L.A., San Francisco, Oakland, and San Diego. The brew: Log Lady Lager, Damn Good Coffee Stout, and Red Room Ale.

The brewery worked closely with Lynch while crafting the beer. According to Mikkeller:

David Lynch was heavily involved in all aspects of the process starting with the concepts, names and all the way through sensory analysis and tasting.  In particular, he and Mikkeller’s art director Keith Shore traded ideas and conspired on the packaging.

“Lynch and his team sent us a mood board of various Mikkeller labels they liked and shared images of Lynch’s drawings. Each illustration is based on iconic scenes from Twin Peaks, and the color palette is also taken from the television series,” Keith Shore explains.

If you can make it to Los Angles, the two-day event at the Ace Hotel will feature Lynchian bands like Bon Iver and Laura Marling, films from the auteur’s filmography, meditation with Brian Eno, and Sheppard Fairey spinning digital wax. Of course, the highlight will be an intimate conversation with Lynch where he’ll discuss his life and work.


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