File this under cool things to remember while walking around the city. A nonprofit called Falling Fruit has developed a map that shows where you can pick free fruit off of trees around San Francisco (and beyond). Locations are specifically labeled as to whether the tree is on private property or not, meaning you’ll know where you have to ask if the fruit is OK to pick (and you do have to ask!). However, as there is no law which says you can’t do so, there’s nothing barring you from picking fruit off plenty of trees on public property around the city, which is also mapped and labeled as well.

You can find really anything you’re in the mood for on this map, from plums to Meyer lemons to olives to strawberries to even herbs like bay leaves. Really, it’s a cornucopia of good pickings, and the map is crowd-sourced, so you can personally edit and add your own discoveries as well.

Additionally, there are about to be quite a few more free places to pick on the map quite soon. Apparently there’s a badass group of urban foraging enthusiasts called the Guerrilla Grafters that have been sneaking around San Francisco at night under cover of darkness to illegally graft fruit onto public ornamental trees. It’s a project that they believe will bring more fresh fruit to those who can’t afford it and get neighbors chatting with one another as they head out to grab fresh produce outside their homes. Whether or not that part of the plan works, their work guarantees there will be more free fruit for the picking around the city, which should start showing up around 2018.

So the next time you’re strolling around San Francisco and feeling hungry, whip out this map and grab a delicious free snack.

[Featured Image: Joy via Flickr]

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