Walking around the city is easily one of the best ways to learn about it. Strolling through different neighborhoods gives you a sense of the lay of the land in addition to simply being a pleasant way to pass the time.

That’s why Reddit user FortheBacon developed an interactive map of some of the most delightful and interesting walks in San Francisco, featuring a few areas of the city to stroll around in:

Each walk, once you click on it, features a short description as to why it’s been added and what you might find along the route. And while it certainly is in no way comprehensive, the map illustrates a few illuminating walks in the city to explore on your off time. As a description on the map notes:

All killer, no filler. These are some of the best walks in San Francisco. Start at either end, do part or all of a walk or connect two together! These routes feature most of the best attractions in the city. Most do not contain many hills.

For any time you want to stretch your legs but don’t know where to go, this map might just be an ideal place to start.

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