When Hamilton Cline rides the train, he doesn’t bury his head in a book or play on his phone…he gets to work. Call him a BARTist. It’s way more than people watching—this is people painting. 2015 has been a prolific year for the local illustrator/graphic designer.

Cline has a much anticipated art show, which opens on Thursday, Dec 3 from 5:30-7:30 PM at AAU Galleries at the Cannery (2801 Leavenworth). The exhibition runs through December, showcasing his sketches of public transit passengers. In case you’re wondering, he uses a Samsung Note 3 (with a stylus) to render these remarkable portraits.

bartsketches15Hamilton Cline

In January, we interviewed Cline about his sketches of bus and train riders. Above and below are his newest portrayals of unsuspecting passengers.

bartsketches:hamiltondrawsHamilton Cline

For his latest project, he’s cranked out a portrait of a random fan every week, making good on his goal of creating 52 illustrations this year. Even though he’s overwhelmed with submissions and booked through December, you can use the hashtag #drawmeham to get his attention. If you post an image you’d like him to re-create, he’ll get back to you with a quote.

20150705_tiffanyHamilton Cline

Cline, who specializes in live digital painting, is a web development instructor at the Academy of Art. He got his start as a caricaturist at theme parks, and he’s also worked as an art director for video game companies. With art shows and a book series in the works, what’s next for a man who can’t possibly get much sleep? Who knows, but we can’t wait to find out.

20150103_nikolaHamilton Cline

[All images courtesy of Hamilton Cline]

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