Our Vice President is a fan of grilled cheese, I suppose.

Here’s what happened according to Redditor jmtb02:

Yesterday [Friday, April 10th] around Noon I was grabbing lunch with coworkers at The Melt at the Embarcadero Center. We ordered food and were waiting outside and all of a sudden police cars, motorcycles, and dogs show up to shut down the intersections surrounding the Melt. Security shows up (Secret Service?) and then shortly after the motorcade pulls up and he grabs lunch. It was really bizarre.

GOXXKZ4Redditor jmtb02

The Melt documented the event on Twitter, noting that Biden ordered a Classic Grilled Cheese Melt with tomato, Tomato Basil soup, and a chocolate shake.

The Sacramento Bee reported that our Vice President was in Oakland earlier in the day on Friday to speak to students at Pacific Gas and Electric’s job-training program. Oh, politics.

If only Biden knew there were far better places in the city to get a grilled cheese sandwich.

[Featured Image: Redditor jmtb02]

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