In the mood to black out tonight in the most Bay Area way possible? Head to Bevmo to grab a bottle and drink Sluricane whilst listening to Hurricane, because E-40’s mixed alcoholic drink is finally at Bevmo

Hurricane, but you can call me Slurricane…” Sluricane first came to fruition via the 1995 song Hurricane by The Click, the hip hop group of Vallejo’s finest: E-40, his cousin B-Legit, his brother D-Shot, and his sister Suga-T. Dedicated to this potent mixed drink that is compared to moonshine, the chorus is “Hurricane, but you can call me slurricane. Slurricane, strong enough to start an engine mayne.” And at 18% ABV, it is definitely strong enough.

A traditional Hurricane cocktail is a mix of rum, fruit juice, and syrup or grenadine served on the rocks and originates from New Orleans—which makes sense why E-40 started drinking it, since he studied at Grambling State University in Louisiana.

Lucky for us, E-40 put his own magical spin on it and bottled it up for our drinking pleasure.

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While we haven’t sampled the hangover-waiting-to-happen, Pilar Vree over at Oakland Local has and says it is “sweet, goes down easy” and “balances the sweetness of tropical flavors without masking the flavor of alcohol.” She also goes on to state that “the ideal way to consume Sluricane is in the most Bay Area way possible: while listening to Game Related by The Click and drinking out of a red cup, while at the sideshow reminiscing about the Hyphy Movement.” We couldn’t agree more. I just wish he was sippin’ on Sluricane when he was sitting behind home plate at the World Series.


Oakland Local

Buy yourself a bottle here from Bevmo and drink it while listening to hyphy music until you become a different person. You can also find it at Costco and at certain Safeways.

Check out these people who have already taken the plunge:




And a tweet from the man himself:

[Source: Oakland Local, Bevmo Thirsty Times | Featured Image: Bevmo Thirsty Times]

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