The highly-anticipated horror film It is released nationwide tonight. The film, based off a novel by Stephen King, features the terrifying clown, Pennywise, and a little boy in a yellow raincoat, Georgie.

Since it’s advance screening on Thursday night, the film has broken multiple records in the horror genre raking in an estimated $13.5 million dollars in one night. It is projected to crush the September box office. Not only is It taking over the film industry, It is taking over EVERYTHING.

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A mannequin dressed as Georgie from the It had been placed at San Francisco’s most popular tourist sites. 

All over the country, pranksters are tying red balloons to sewers in anticipation for the spooky flick.



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Dress up like a clown for a special screening at this San Francisco movie theater.

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The do-It-yourself Halloween costume is a top contender for families this October.

It is showing in theaters everywhere.

Here’s that corgi, again.

Just one more...