We’ve talked about POPOs—AKA, privately owned public spaces, or the gardens and walkways you see tucked away downtown that anyone can visit—in the past, but we’ve never had each one of them illuminated all in one place. While we know about six of the best public rooftops in San Francisco, in this interactive map via Reddit, we are able to see exactly where every kind of POPO, whether it’s a plaza, a garden, an indoor park, or otherwise, is located downtown.

Click here to see a larger version.

Moving around on the map, you can indicate which type of little pleasant place you’d like to hang out at for an afternoon, and even work down the checklist to visit them all. Despite the ever-growing skyline, it’s nice to know there are still plenty of spots with a little bit of art, some greenery and maybe even a view—like a small slice of peace right in the most chaotic part of the city.

[Featured Image: David McSpadden via Flickr]

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