Do you hate haunted houses? Do you have friends who love haunted houses and insist on dragging you to haunted attractions every year? Do you struggle with the fight or flight response so you don’t lash out and hit one of the actors making you shrink into a terrified screaming ball? Is this you?


Aliens vs. Nerf Guns might have the after-Halloween catharsis you need. For two nights in November, one of the Bay Area’s most terrifying haunted attractions, Fear Overload Scream Park, will find itself infested with aliens. On the 10th and 11th, visitors will be handed NERF guns so they can shoot aliens as they pop out and try to scare your pants off. No, sorry, you can’t bring your modded rapid fire bruise inducing Chewbacca bowcaster, but if you need a little bit more fire power the attraction will provide upgrades.

shoot aliens with nerf gunsAliens vs Nerf Guns

An alien with a Nerf Gun

This is possibly the first ever immersive Nerf gun experience in the nation. At the very least it’s the first ever “come shoot aliens with Nerf guns in this haunted house” experience in the nation. Groups of one to six enter the haunt and navigate through the twists and turns while blasting a colorful assortment of aliens. Check out the trailer below:

The Aliens vs. Nerf Guns experience will be built on the remains of this year’s Fear Overload Scream Park attractions. The San Leandro haunt is one of the few pitch black haunts in the country. Guests are handed flashlights and sent on their way into the depths of terror. This year’s main maze is “The Plastic Surgeon” with a secondary maze called “Static Noise.” Fear Overload opens on September 29 and ticket pre-sales start soon.

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