The times they are a-changin’, as Bob Dylan famously said, and sometimes you can’t even tell while you’re right in the midst of it. An amazing set of Google Earth satellite images were just released in timelapse format via the Google blog, painting an amazing picture of how the Bay Area has changed over the past 32 years.

Not only do the images show the crazy development across the bay, from the new Bay Bridge to rapidly growing cities on both sides of the water, the latest images also capture a “sharper view of our planet, with truer colors and fewer distracting artifacts,” as Chris Herwig, the program manager for Google Earth Engine notes. Here’s that timelapse played twice so you can really see the differences from the ’80s onward:

You can also watch this change at different speeds (watching it slowly makes it much easier to catch details) over in Google Earth’s Timelapse feature. For even more timelapse fun, watch timelapses captured from around the world and see just how much the Earth has changed in just 30 short years.

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