It’s finally fall. These places in the Bay Area have announced their October flavors, and we’re so excited! #Pumpkinspice season is back, everybody, and here are some of our favorites. Keep checking back for more updates on the best fall-flavored goodies in the Bay Area!

1. Cinnaholic’s Apple Cider Roll

2132 Oxford St

Who said rolls had to be cinnamon-flavored? Cinnaholic recently announced their fall flavors and we’re in love with their apple cider roll. If you’re not about that apple cider life, go check out their other two fall flavors: Pumpkin Spice and Tiramisu.

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This particular roll features apple cider frosting, fresh apples, pecans, and caramel sauce.

2. Bi-Rite Creamery’s Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice-cream

3692 18th
San Francisco

This pumpkin cheesecake ice-cream comes with graham crackers in order to nail that perfect autumn taste. They also feature brown sugar ice-cream with a ginger caramel swirl—and if you visit on a Friday, you’ll also be able to snag their signature pumpkin swirl soft serve!

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3. Cupcakin’ Bake’s Drunken Pumpkin Cupcake

2435 Durant Ave

Cupcakin’s October flavor features a moist pumpkin cake topped with a Bourbon caramel swirl drizzle. Happy hour starts early in Berkeley!

Cupcakin’ also features vegan chai tea and gluten free pumpkin spice latte cupcakes.

4. Zanze’s Cheesecake’s Pumpkin Cheesecake

2405 Ocean Ave
San Francisco

If their regular cheesecake is the, how can anyone not love their creamy pumpkin cheesecake?

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5. City Garden Doughnuts’ Pumpkin & Pecan

1200 4th St
Santa Rosa

City Garden knows what’s up, for there’s no better combination than pumpkin & pecan.

6. Batter Bakery’s Caramel Apple Party Cake

1517 Pine St
San Francisco

This beautiful caramel apple party cake is perfect for fall celebrations.

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7. Dynamo’s Pumpkin Nutmeg Chocolate Chip Donut

2760 24th St
San Francisco

Every fall, Dynano Donut & Coffee comes out with a pumpkin nutmeg chocolate chip donut. It’s limited to the month of October, so make sure to snag one before they run out.

Carrie Vasios Mullins

8. Humphry Slocombe’s Butterbeer Icecream

1 Ferry Building
San Francisco

Calling all Harry Potter fans—this might just be a dream come true. Humphry Slocombe just announced the return of their famous butterbeer ice-cream. This magical treat is made with anchor steam beer and brown butter ice-cream.

They also have these unique fall-themed ice-cream flavors: pumpkin hazelnut biscotti, carrot mango sorbet, duck fat pecan pie (?!), salted black licorice, and caramelized apple.

9. James and the Giant Cupcake’s Pumpkin Cupcake

341 17th St.

This scrumptious pumpkin cupcake has the best cream cheese filling in the Bay Area. It’ll leave you wanting more.

10. Miette’s Gingerbread Cake

449 Octavia St
San Francisco

Good news—you can now taste autumn year-round because this ah-mazing and best-selling gingerbread cake from Miette’s bakery is not a seasonal item. It’s made with dark beer, molasses, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom, and topped with a sweet cream cheese frosting.

Genevieve Y. on Yelp

11. The Baked Bear’s Pumpkin Spice Cookies

303 Columbus Ave
San Francisco

Eat it plain or eat it á la mode—it’ll taste amazing either way.

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