Being from and/or living in California is super cool 99 percent of the time. But the one time it’s not is during the eclipse on the 21st of August, when our state will only witness a partial eclipse. Fret not though, The Exploratorium is working hard to ensure that you can still witness the eclipse, with live viewings from Wyoming and Oregon!

The museum is producing five live feeds of the Great American Eclipse on August 21st, 2017. The feeds will be available to the public and media organizations via Satellite, the Switch, and by downloading the Total Solar Eclipse App or visiting the Exploratorium’s Eclipse Web Page. The feeds include live streaming of the eclipse from Casper, Wyoming and Madras, Oregon as well as hour long educational programs as well as a live performacce by the renowned Kronos quartet that will involve eclipse sonification.

clipse de soleil

Courtesy of The Exploratorium

The app produced by the Exploratorium provides a an easy solution to move between eclipse viewings, education programs, and the quarter, as well as participate in community discussions. Make sure you download it the day of the eclipse, when it goes live.


Courtesy of the Exploratorium

And although our eclipse will be only partial, the museum is opening up at 9 am to provide viewings, via telescopes and solar safety glasses, as well as NASA astronauts on hand to answer any questions. The Madras, Oregon viewing begins at 9 am and continues through till 11:45 am. And the Casper, Wyoming viewing will begin at 9:15 am and run through 12:45 am.

Check out the facebook page for videos and fun facts:

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