Another day, another cool map of San Francisco appears on the web. This time, it’s by artist Michelle Chandra of Dirty Alley Designs, who has lived in San Francisco for 7 years and was inspired by a talk on maze-generating algorithms to design her own version on top of a map of the city.

paverredmaze1_1024x1024 (1)Dirty Alley Design

The end result is a puzzle maze like you used to do as a kid on restaurant place mats while waiting for your food to arrive. Except, it’s definitely a lot trickier, because making them is a fairly involved process. As Chandra writes on her website, “I create each city maze art print design by hand using the underlying street grid as the foundation. I begin the design process by downloading city street centerline data available in the public domain. Streets are removed and intersections modified to create paths you can get lost in.”

nightshiftbluemaze1Dirty Alley Design

The prints come in several color combinations, and are certainly mesmerizing. And you can be sure that you won’t solve it in three seconds—Chandra makes clear on her website, “When a city maze art print is near completion, I test the city maze design with friends and family to make sure the puzzle maze is, well, puzzling!” We like it so much, we’d hate to draw on it, so we might just have to get two—one to work out, and one to hang.

Get your own copy of the print here.

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