San Francisco housing values are gargatuan in comparison to the rest of the country, but we already knew that. This map, however, gives an awesome perspective on the nation as a whole.

No, that strange, almost diseased-looking GIF below isn’t a lopsided picture of China, or an artistic rendition of a bleeding heart. It’s just the total housing value of the United States, mapped. Galka

Max Galka posted a visual comparison of the housing values of every county throughout the U.S. on Metrocosm this past Sunday; he substituted the residential property value for each county’s land area.

According to the map, half the total value comes from the top five states: California (duh), New York, Florida, Texas and Pennsylvania.


Unsurprisingly, San Francisco can easily be seen with the naked eye on this cartogram.

To create this map, Galka pulled data from The Economist. Get more details by checking out Galka’s original article here!

[Featured Image: Max Galka via Metrocosm]

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