We’ve become accustomed to an atmosphere of doom and gloom lately, especially in San Francisco. But right as the holidays are approaching, one art project is working to spread a little bit of joy among residents in the city. Flyers are appearing in Potrero Hill, the Castro, the Haight, Nob Hill, the Mission, and working their way across neighborhoods, bringing compliments to locals.

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Each flyer has a little flattering phrase, like “Our world is better because youʼre in it,” or “Your smile is beautiful,” with tear-off sheets like you’d see on advertisements tacked on bulletin boards. They all come with the instruction: “Please take a compliment. You deserve it. To spread a little more kindness, grab one for a friend too.”

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The artist behind the effort is Anna Sergeeva, a San Francisco resident who just wanted to bring a little more cheer to the city in the post-election haze. “I feel like I’m doing a marketing campaign for kindness,” she told the New York Times.

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So far, it’s working—on the website for the project, anyone can download and print out the flyers and head out to hang them themselves. Since then, the flyers have been popping up just about everywhere, as far as LA, New York, and London.

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Keep your eyes peeled for these little compliment signs, as you never know when you’ll unexpectedly brighten your day.

And on that note, be on the lookout for some other recent art projects in the city too, from pranks to light sculptures.

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