Surely you know Claude, the alligator who greets you as you walk into the California Academy of Sciences.

7722967602_95f0a51373_htrophygeek via Flickr

He’s kind of a legend, and he’s definitely turing 21 this September 15th, 2016. Of course, we all know what that means.

Yep. For their upcoming Nightlife, the Cal Academy of Sciences is throwing him a bash of “gator proportions”, birthday hats and all. The reptilian guest of honor will be fêted with a presenter that’ll chat about his experiences so far and the history of his species. The talk will end with a rousing round of “Happy Birthday” followed by drink of a Claude-themed cocktail. No word yet on whether Claude will get ID’ed.

14420800574_5bb9049787_k (1)Joshua Willis via Flickr

There will also be a performance of a ballet routine, a gator parasite-themed project lab, and a photo booth where you can commit Claude’s epic night to memory. Oh, and there will of course be a DJ.

You can get tickets here. Time to get this party started—they don’t call him a wild animal for nothing.

[Featured Image via California Academy of Sciences via Facebook I Gif via Giphy]

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